Kick off your muscle building in a great way by using whey protein. 

Customized Workout Plans

your workout regimen is customized as per your goals   

Quick Recovery

when protein speeds up muscle recovery   

Easily Digested

it's easily digested meaning it will not sit in your stomach for long   


the supplement is not too strong for a beginner meaning it is safe

Readily Available

whey protein is always readily available 

About Us

Hi! My name is Garry Cohen and at The Sprintmax, we have muscle building supplements for beginners. One of the best is whey protein that is easily digested in the system. Besides the workout regimens we customize for our beginners, we recommend they take whey protein after working out. 

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What People Say

As a beginner in muscle building, it was recommended by a personal trainer from The Sprintmax that I should use whey protein. Before I started using it, my muscles would take longer to recover after working out but this is no longer the case. It's one of the best supplements for a beginner.

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