364 Days of Social Media Monitoring for Events

Posted by Jazeel Ferry 12/3/14 3:39 PM

So you’ve just pulled off a massive event and it was a success. People were engaged, they loved the speakers. Talks were hashtagged and attendees shared quotes on the event’s social media. You exhale a big sigh of relief and you look forward to doing it all again next year – after a nice long break. Right?

Well, maybe a short break would do you good, but going too long without monitoring the event’s social media response will result in a drop in momentum — and that’s definitely not what you want.

Earlier we wrote about why you should have a year-round social media marketing plan, but what about social media monitoring for events year-round? Read on and we’ll tell you why that’s important.

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Infographic: How To Promote Your Next Event Year-Round

Posted by Jazeel Ferry 11/21/14 3:49 PM

My last event just finished - why should I already start promoting the next one?

Twelve months might seem like ample time to plan and promote your next event, but there are several reasons why you would want to adopt a year-round marketing plan.

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How to Promote Your Next Event Year-Round

Posted by Jazeel Ferry 11/5/14 9:34 AM

You're convinced that your event marketing efforts should be a year-round initiative, but how should you spend those 12 months leading up to the big day?

We've written out a list of activities to guide your month-by-month marketing efforts in order to promote your next event year-round.

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7 Reasons to Have a Year-Round Event Social Media Marketing Plan

Posted by Jazeel Ferry 10/30/14 12:20 PM

How soon is too soon to start promoting your next event?

Correct answer: It’s never too soon! Even if your last event just wrapped and you have a whole year before the next one - starting your promotional efforts early only improves its chances of being a hit. After all, I’m pretty sure the words “we had too much time” have never been uttered in the history of marketing.

Before we break down the best way to spend the 12 months leading up to an event, allow us to better explain the benefits of a year-round promotional strategy.

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Content Marketing Revolution

Posted by Jazeel Ferry 10/23/14 9:32 PM

Great content is at the center of excellent marketing campaigns. Arguably more marketers than ever accept that it is THE most important part of a strong strategy.

People continue to tune out traditional marketing and crave authentic, customer-centric information that content marketing delivers. Empowered consumers are ignoring interruptions from marketers. Run of the mill advertising and cold-calling are no longer effective. A new playbook is needed.

Content marketing is here to stay. View this infographic, “The Content Marketing Revolution”, and learn how content has weakened the effectiveness of traditional marketing.

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